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vvv Are you looking for a Cricket Club in Amsterdam? Want to go in to London in April to tour and play cricket? We have 4 senior teams and are looking for members to play in Hoofdklasse and Eerste Klasse. Come and join our Indoor Cricket Training sessions every weekend! Please call for more information: +31616519365‬.
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VVV3 Promoted to Tweede Klasse

VVV3 gets promoted to Tweede Klasse as champions.



Hamza Ahmad (wk), Khurram Tahir, Shafaqat Ali, Bilal Khadeem, Asif Rafat Khan, Kokab Nadeem, Omar Raja, Saqib Chaudhry, Ali Rashid, Abid Mailk, Zahid Malik, Noman Mirajdin (wk), Saqib Iqbal, Tokier Shabier, Adnan Murtaza, Amir Zulfiqar, Randier Romain Alves, Tayub Tabassum, Muhammad Yaseen, Dawood Sakhi, Zeeshan Choudhry (c)




165 in 110 balls (HCC ZaMi vs VVV ZaMi)

We batted first, made 259 in 35 with Kokab Nadeem making 165 not out in 110 balls.


We thought we would win it easily but how wrong could we be.. The match went to the last ball of the last over and eventually VVV emerged victorious.




About the Author:

Omar Raja is member of VVV since 2013 and been playing cricket since then in all levels. He is sometimes too busy to write reports.


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