VVV3 Promoted to Tweede Klasse

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VVV3 gets promoted to Tweede Klasse as champions.



Hamza Ahmad (wk), Khurram Tahir, Shafaqat Ali, Bilal Khadeem, Asif Rafat Khan, Kokab Nadeem, Omar Raja, Saqib Chaudhry, Ali Rashid, Abid Mailk, Zahid Malik, Noman Mirajdin (wk), Saqib Iqbal, Tokier Shabier, Adnan Murtaza, Amir Zulfiqar, Randier Romain Alves, Tayub Tabassum, Muhammad Yaseen, Dawood Sakhi, Zeeshan Choudhry (c)




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VVV2 Promoted to Eerste Klasse

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VVV2 gets promoted in to EERSTE KLASSE!! #2017 #HardWork #Lagaan

Posted by VVV Cricket Club on Sunday, August 20, 2017
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Left to Right standing: Asif Khan, Zeeshan Choudhry,  Kokab Nadeem, Saqib Chaudry, Zishan Yousaf, Randier Romain Alves, Faizan Bashir, Shabaz Mirza,
Left to Right front: Omar Raja, Shazad Mirza (c), Ali Rashid, Amir Zulfiqar

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The Fight

23rd July. The day we were waiting for since our first game against Kampong. I arrived at the ground well before the scheduled time to check the ground, prepare it. ( open club house, do the boundary lines) I thought I would be doing it alone but eventually Asif arrived at the scene and caught me red handed. We both finished the work. I was told later the opponent captain was also there already watching us doing the preparation from distance. This game we had official umpires Steve Tovey and Hasrat Bagkari who did really fair umpiring and made sure the game is played in good spirit. This was a big game of the season. Both teams had equal points and this was going to be a fight for the championship. And yes the fight it was.

VVV won the toss and elected to bat first. The batting lineup was quite strong and our aim was to bat out 40 overs and setup a good target to defend for our bowlers. The start of VVV was not that great and we lost two wickets quickly for opener Asif Khan and no.3 Saqib Chaudry. This was a big blow. Kokab Nadeem and Ali Rashid played really mature and started building up a good much needed partnership. The score reached 40 in 10 overs for 2 wicket when the rain stopped the play. We had an early lunch and after rain stopped and ground dried a bit the game was resumed. We now had 32 overs in total to play for each team. Kokab played a marvelous innings (4x6 and 2x4) and scored 62 runs. Ali played an excellent supporting role from other end and together they added 102 runs to the team total. With 9 overs left in play we lost some quick wickets and no one could contribute big score to the total until at No.10 Omar Raja played a cameo of 17 runs of 5 balls. (2x6 and 1x4). VVV finished at 162 for 9 in 32 overs.

We started bowling within 15 mins of the inning pause. Omar and Zee attacked with bowling. Omar always had the feeling that we were going to win this match on fielding. That proved to be true. Opening of Kampong had a fire cracker start with 2x4 and quick singles in 1st 2 overs but due to our sharp fielding one of their openers was runout. Omar bowled the other opener in his following over. After 8 good overs a change was made to bring Kokab and Khurram Tahir . Kokab managed to take a wicket in his second over by a brilliant catch by Saqib Chaudry over extra cover. The ball was hit very high and Saqib ran all the way from Mid off to over extra cover and held on to the catch. 7 more to go before we could claim the victory. Pacers got punished a bit so quickly spinners Ali and Saqib Iqbal were brought into attack to change the momentum of the game. Both did what was asked where Ali stood out with 4 wickets in his 7 over spell for 22 runs. Saqib supported him good with 7 overs 1 wicket and 25 runs. With 1 wicket left Omar was brought into attack again to finish kampong innings with style and he up rooted the off stump of the last man on first ball of his over. VVV3 won by 55 runs.

The season is almost near end and we have 3 more games to go. Team needs maximum support it can get and from members prospective everyone is supporting this team which is a very good sign for the club. So far this has been a good year for VVV overall so we hope we can add as many good things as we can to make it even better by supporting all our teams.


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The Pillar


What supports your team when its most needed? Who is that one player that brings back the team on track? What makes that player the key player of the game?
What is THE PILLAR? I am sure we all want that support in the team and thats exactly what we witnessed in the Sunday match against Bloemendaal.
Having lost the toss VVV was put to bat first. I think the opponents captain considering our last batting performance,  under estimated the power this team packed in top batting order. Not blaming them being wrong, and so it had begun. First ball a GOLDEN DUCK. "What the hell" That were my exact words. An in-swing delivery knocked the leg stump out of the ground for one of the best batting opener we have in VVV , Bobby Murtaza who opened with Ali Rashid. This was a bad start and that's when that key player walked in with confidence. With clever singles, converting singles into doubles and good rotation of strike he made sure a good partnership could build up with Ali. Ali played a very mature innings and took the total to 57 before he got bowled by a submarine ( a word I learned recently, when a ball stays very low after bounce). Amir Zulfiqar was next man in.


Amir and that key player conjured up another good partnership. By some excellent power hitting by Amir the total reached 151. In all this clever cricket show for the team mates to score runs, that key player made a 50 and eventually got caught at mid off after scoring 63 runs. An absolute gem of an inning to give VVV a chance to score beyond par. Later Amir got caught at long on for 48. The foundation was laid by Amir and that key player to reach the target I had in mind (180) and eventually team reached the total of 205 with some reflection of last match innings.


With 205 to defend VVV team went in strong to field. The pace attack by Omar Raja and Tokier Shabier pierced trough the top order of Bloemendaal in no time.
Tokier was really impressive with the ball and took 4 for 23 in 8 overs and later Mohammad Yasin chipped in with 2 for 14. By the time it was drinks break Bloemendaal were 75 for 7. New comer Bilal Khadim took the challenge to finish of the tail and he did that in 4.2 overs spell and finished with the figures of 3 for 19.

A good win by VVV but still loads to learn from this game.

The question remains how ever, who was the pillar (the key player) who made sure the team gets what it needs?

Noman Merajdin,  the every team wicket keeper batsman.

Picture left to right:

Bilal Khadim , Amir Zulfiqar, Ali Rashid , Noman Merajdin, Tokier Shabier.











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