The Cornered Tiger

Double thriller this weekend drained all my energy to write a report. Sleepless 2 nights in a row. Never ever played such games where victory was impossile and still the teams VVV1 and VVV3 managed to pull it off. Having played both games I will not be able to forget this long cricket weekend ever. Let me recap what I can for ACC3 vs VVV3 on Sunday 4th June.

ACC3 sadly did not win any game they played so far this season. Knowing they lost their first 3 games, I thought they will come back strong at us no matter what, to win the 4th game and boy I was so right. ACC won the toss and elected to bat first. They were looking to put up a strong total but no one knew what wonders this pitch can do. I wont trust this pitch anymore for sure. Last match against QV on same pitch we put up a total of 259 runs. It was a batting paradise but this time pitch quality took a U turn. With Spinner performance on the same pitch last match, Ali Rashid ( off spinner) was brought to attack with Zee. The combination worked well and in no time Ali got the break through we were looking for caught in safe hands of Zee at mid wicket. Zee also got another one bite the dust in no time caught at gully by Asif Khan. This was the good start we were looking for. ACC batsman built up a small partnership so Zee was replaced with Mohammad Yasin and Ali with Bilal Khadim. Bilal bowled really well but did not get any wicket until Shafaqat came to bowl. 1st over he struck with knocking the middle stump out of the ground. Bilal on other end got another vital break through and this started a chain reaction of wickets falling one after the other. Ali was brought into attack again and got a wicket caught at mid wicket by yet again superb catch by Zee diving to his right , catching the ball with his right hand. ACC in the end all out for 135.

Bowling stats:
Zee 7o 3m 2w 16r
Bilal 8o 2m 2w 21r
Ali 8o 1m 2w 22r

After lunch we started our innings with hopes to finish the match soon and watch VVV2 team match on the other side of the club house. 2 LBWs were given by our fair umpires and our top order Tajieb , Asif and Ali ( bowled) were back sitting with us in no time after scoring just a few runs. 27 for 3.
This was a very big blow. Abid Malik in this situation stayed calm and held on to his wicket and kept scoring runs where from other end everyone was falling pray to ACC. No one was able to play smart and left Abid standing alone without any support. At 100 runs we were 9 down and only 1 wicket left. The Batsman No.11. Mr Zee. who has history of just closing his eyes and try to hit the ball out of the park (You get the picture what type of batsman he is. ) joined Abid in hopes to some how manage to win the game.

So the battle started. ACC wants Zee wicket. Zee was determined to block every ball he faces. Abid was determined to keep scoring runs with his power hitting and rotating the strike at last ball so Zee does not have to face as much as possible. 40 runs were to score. The score rate was never a problem. Wickets were the problem. There were none left. Abid played really well and punished ACC bowlers. With smart tactic of Zee blocking and Abid scoring runs VVV started reaching the target. Eventually Zee also scored some runs while trying to block or leave the ball. We reached the total of 134. Abid was shy of 5 runs for his 50. With a plan to tie first Abid scored a single on the last ball of the over. A huge roar sounded by everyone supporting from pavilion. Next over Abid smacked the ball over mid on for glorious boundary for a 50 and to finished the match. VVV won by 1 wicket. I could not believe it we pulled it off. This was such a narrow escape. 40 runs partnership at last wicket is a story on its own.

A lot learned from this match. An example is set on how to avoid losing wickets. What needs to be done when you see your fellow mates are going down 1 by one. BLOCK THE DAMN BALL. Play smart. Stop the wicket fall and recover. Lets hope VVV comes back strong after this match.

Batting Stats:
Abid Malik 50*

Additional Info

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