Thawed Third’s Thwarted

Author: Bitchie Renauld

Saturday, 1st of June. Many a tale in the history of cricket have been put to paper and years after its occurrence still possess the same flair and heroism the epistle had when first written. The Saturday match between the thirds and VRA 4 is such an epistle, as the valiant thirds braved freezing temperatures and suffered the mind-numbing greyness the day would bring. Alas, their bravery enduring harsh weather conditions is where the buck stops, as heroics regarding cricket were hard pressed and nowhere to be seen. To make a short story shorter, the thirds lost the toss, lost wickets faster than the speed of sound, and lost the match as certain as the sun lost its shine. As a matter of fact, the sun didn’t shine until the match and VVV III’s hopes of winning, literally, came to an end.


Communication is key

Finally, after many days of rain combined with wind, I woke up with the Sun shining. It felt good, to start the Sunday with Sun which means, not wearing the (beautiful) white VVV jersey’s.

When I, and with me many others, arrived at VVV, we saw something amazing: young kids having a game of cricket on our ground. It was just awesome to see the kids, our cricket futures prospects, cover driving, cutting, hooking, bowling pace and even flighting the ball…boys and girls. Mostly according to the MCC textbook. Luckily they haven’t been exposed to the IPL….

The collaboration with ACC is working wonders.



Report ACC2 vs VVV2 Featured

Catches win matches

Derby. Nerves. Sentiment. Excitement. Motivation. These are just a few words which can describe how we felt, playing at ACC on the 1st field which has been the home ground for many now VVV players. When we arrived, we saw happy faces to welcome us. Given the history, didn’t expect anything else.

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