We will we will rock you!! VVV3 vs R&W3


Many of us already expected and believed that Sunday is going to be an epic day. As VVV2 and VVV3 both were playing their away games at R&W. With high spirits and support for each other, game mode was already set before Sunday.

R&W3 won the toss and selected to bowl first to test out our batting skills. Imran aka Captain decided to go with usual batting line up, with a license to kill (nah not really)…
Asif and Rashid on crease and boy oh boy what a start it was. The man in form, Asif aka Centurion started where he left last week but this time around it was brutal batting from both ends. Rashid was also on fire with his powerful strokes, eager to make runs. He didn’t bother much about singles (still in trauma because of runout history). We reached 100 only in 8 overs.

Unfortunately we lost the first wicket in 9th over, 107-1. Rashid 40(4 X 5, 6X3, 1X2).
In 13th over we lost Asif’s wicket 140-2, what a spectacular inning, 85 (4x7, 6X9, 3 x 1).

Captain decided to change the batting order. He knew damage is already done by the opening partnership. So big weapons were unleashed, aiming at high score target and continue playing aggressively.
Following the lead set by the openers another spotlight performance by Kokab, a new member of our club, already shining with his hard hitting and all round performance, 57 (4x1, 6x7), 2nd fifty in a row.
High scoring run rate comes with consequences, we were losing wickets but we were not ready to drop the run rate. Everyone was chipping in, providing support to each other and hitting boundaries. We ended our innings at 308 all out in 34 overs. A little less what we were expecting, but a huge target for opposition. 

Batting highlights…

Asif: 85 (4x7, 6X9, 3 x 1)
Kokab: 57 (4x1, 6x7)
Rashid: 40 (4 X 5, 6X3, 1X2)

After showing off our batting power it was time for the bowlers to rock the 2nd half. Same plan for fielding side, bowl aggressively, field sharp and finish the match early so we can supports our other team, as most of the time our eyes and ears were on other field trying to get some updates.
Farhan and Rashid started the attack. Farhan got his first victim in his first over. A caught behind nicely taken by the keeper (Imran). 3rd over 2nd victim, 5th over 3rd victim. On other end Rashid bowling on tight line and length keeping them under pressure.
Normally we have a bowling change after 10 overs, but Farhan wasn’t ready to get off the Attack, he wanted to continue until he finish his spell, with Captain’s confidence he completed his great spell with few dropped chances.
With bowling changes and sharp fielding we were getting wickets till the 18th over , R&W 104-7.
Afterwards I am not sure was it Fasting (its Ramadan and most of guys were fasting) or we were getting lazy on the field. With few dropped catches and after 28th over R&W were 176-7.

Time for a break and a motivational speech by Captain. The Rain, the Sweat, frustration, aggression, smell of a victory, all ingredients were there to push a little harder.

Buddy you're a young man hard man
Shoutin' in the street gonna take on the world some day
You got blood on yo' face
You big disgrace
Wavin' your banner all over the place.
We will we will rock you

We finished the game in 33rd over.  R&W3 191 all out and we went to other field to join VVV2 for the victory dance.

Bowling Highlights..

Farhan : 8-3-55
Rashid: 7-2-25
Raza: 6-2-29
Khurram: 6.1-2-18

Thank you R&W for being a great host like always and for a good day of cricket.

Your correspondent: Khurram Tahir from VVV Cricket Club Amsterdam, with the passion for cricket and technology.


A Centurion’s tale Featured


After a long drive and discussions on cricket finally we arrived at Den Helder. Looking at the weather and the bowling strength we had, captain decided to field first if we won the toss. So the 10 men of VVV3 were first to field.

Junaid started the attack with Rashid on other end. The opposition openers couldn’t do much against the attack. They blocked or swung the bat hard which wasn’t helping us or them. But we got the first victim in a classic way of runout.

Junaid and Rashid were replaced by Ahsan and Kokab. Ahsan with his pace and bounce was already disturbing the opening batsman and in his 2nd over he got his victim clean bowled on an in swinging delivery (42-2 in 12 overs). New batting pair again wasn’t doing much against the pace and no wicket fell. It was time for a change.

Imran (Captain) and Khurram came into attack but with luck left handed batsman started to accelerate his inning and scorecard was moving faster. On a side note we are still trying to figure out how to tackle a left, right handed batsman combination. Again time for a change, Asif brought into attack and he strikes in his second over. A beautiful catch by Raza in Square leg position. Finally a break through which we were desperate to get (137-3 in 25 overs).

Captain knew that now it’s time for a kill, so Junaid and Subhan came into attack. Subhan’s surprise bowling with Junaid and Ahsan’s fast deliveries wickets were falling with short intervals but scorecard was also ticking. At the end we restricted CC Den Helder to 224 All out in 39.3 overs.

Bowling Stats:

Subhan: 7.3-35-4
Junaid: 8-44-2
Ahsan: 5-17-2
Asif: 2-16-1
Extras: 40 due to right and left handed combi at least that’s what I think ;)

During the break, plan was set and we knew what we needed to do. We started with our usual openers, Asif and Rashid. And then in 2nd over something happened, which we are seeing for last few matches. Rashid got Runout (4th time so far) after hitting a boundary. Now Captain is on the crease hoping to have a good partnership, but things turns out differently. We were 35-2 in 6 overs. For some reason no one was worried because Asif was still standing on crease and having enough batting power behind. Juniad new man on crease, with a plan not to lose wicket and keep Asif on strike. The plan worked well. On other end man in form, the beast with hunger for blood, Asif was unstoppable. Ball was flying all around the field. Opposition’s captain placed everybody on the boundary but they failed to stop Asif.

128 runs partnership ended in 21st over, Junaid out on 15, VVV3 153-3.
Subhan on crease with same plan as Junaid which worked till the end. On other end Asif kept firing from his bat until we saw the fat lady singing (not really, it was one of us guys sitting outside with their pads on)

We easily chased 225 in 34 overs with 7 wickets in hands. An unbeaten 142(4 X 18 and 6 X 4) by the Centurion (Asif).

Batting stats:

Asif: 142 not out
Junaid: 15
Subhan: 9 not out
Extras: 48 defiantly not because of right left combi ;)

Due to high demands in other teams, it’s important to mention that after having heavy discussions somehow we managed to keep Asif in third team squad. Now we all know that we were right in our decision :)

Thanks to CC Den Helder for a game played in good spirits.

Your correspondent: Khurram Tahir from VVV Cricket Club Amsterdam, with the passion for cricket.


We Know, They Know......


From Thursday training session it was the rumour or one could say a "pre-decision" that we were going to bat first in the upcoming game against VRA. Our captain had a very positive attitude towards this game , and so as the whole team. On a very sunny and mildly hot day we arrived at VRA ground. Again in the dressing room we were discussing to bat first. Captain of team (Zeddy) also consulted with the acting vise captain (Omar). The conclusion was we are going to bat first. Zeddy went for the toss and after wining the toss arrived in the dressing room. To our surprise he announced we are bowling first.

We had no idea what went wrong. The explanation was that the pitch was new. The mat on the pitch had wrinkles. The expectation from the pitch was the ball bounce and movement off the pitch will be unpredictable and uneven.

We went to the ground to find out the wrinkles were in the middle of the pitch. Unless a bowler bowls a wide bouncer , he will never be able to hit those spots. Rest of the pitch was very OK and good for batting. That's exactly what VRA showed us after all by the end of the their innings.

Omar and Zee attacked with bowling and both were unplayable by the openers of the VRA. Result 8 over for just 11 runs on the board. 9th over Zee knocked the middle stump out of the ground for the opener who was still looking for getting off the mark. The start was good. It could have been better for VVV if we held on to the catches. Zee was replaced with youngster Tokier after 10 overs and Abid was also brought into attack from the Club end to replace Omar.

VRA steadily started to score runs.  We needed a wicket. Zeddy replaced Abid with Saqib Iqbal after his couple of overs to look for another much needed wicket. VRA were 61 for 1 after 16 overs when good throw by Saqib Iqbal resulted in a run out. It helped us with a wicket Zeddy was looking for. Tokier also got another one out by caught and bowled in his 6th over. VRA accelerated with scoring and reached 101 for 3 in 23rd over. This was not what Zeddy had in mind after a slow start from VRA. so Zeddy made another change with Zishan.  Zishan delivered a wicket in his first over. Full length ball, batsman missed, A direct hit to stumps. In the next over yet again the same delivery and same result.

We were back on track in no time. Omar was brought into attack to make full use of this momentum. VRA had a new tall (and I mean really tall) batsman in the crease. His batting technique was to play straight and hit it out of the park. He managed to scar Omar for 14 runs in an over. Normally you would see captain would just replace the bowler but Zeddy didnt. He had full confidence in Omar to bowl his last over as well. Omar not only sent the same batsman back to pavilion who smacked a few boundaries off him (caught at extra cover ) but also took another wicket in the same over by hitting the stumps with his last ball of the spell. Saqib finshed off the last wicket in the 39th over.

The target was 171 all out. One could say 30 too many but that was the score we had to make to get 5 in 5 wins.

Bowling stats.

Zishan Yousaf 8-0-35-3
Omar Raja     8-1-28-2
Zee           8-0-22-1
Tokier        8-0-41-1
Saqib         4-0-23-1

After lunch we started batting with our new comer to VVV 2nd team Asif as opener with Zeddy. We were expecting some fireworks to begin our innings with.

That seemed too good to be true.

We lost both Asif and Zeddy in 1.2 overs. Imagine you supporting your cricket team. How would you feel if you see openers going back within 2 overs of the innings.

Exactly!! You feel pinched in the heart. But thanks to Zishan and Saqib Chaudry, from the very beginning they played with no pressure of losing early wickets. They both started scoring at 7 an over. We reached 50 in just 7 overs. Their shot selection was praised by everyone spectating the match. Both played gem of an innings. Their partnership was broken in 12th over after shared score of 79. Saqib was bowled by a flighted delivery on leg stump. He tried to hit at square leg but missed it. There is a story behind that wicket. That spinner who was bowling, it was his very first legalment delivery on which he took the wicket. First 5 balls were all wide deliveries. He was not even pitching them on the pitch. The one he tried to pitch in line sadly went for the leg stump with "hit me" written all over it. A very disappointing end to Saqib's innings but it was much needed one.

Zishan kept on playing in the same pace and was joined by Noman in the run chase. Zishan stayed not out on 63 when we finished the chase in just 24 overs. The last winning runs were scored by Tayeb with a boundry for 4. Zishan delivered an outstanding performance with both bat and ball. 3 wickets and scored 63 runs and remained not out.  We got the report from our intelligence that one of the rival team spy was also spectating the match to check our performance. Its going to be a tough match coming their way. To be continued...

Batting stats

Zishan 63
Saqib Chaudry 22
Noman 22

VVV 175 for 5 in 24.2 overs.


Another trashing Win led by new Centurion Zeddy (c)

After beating R&W in our first offical match of the season, we were very excited to keep the winning mood going.

The trashing of R&W by bowling them all out for 102 and winning by 9 wickets, felt amazing.

This time we diverted our attention to Quivive 4, newcomers in 2B.

Weather was looking good and we started with fielding first.

Openers  Zeeshan Choudhry (Zee) form the water-end, opened the attack with Omar Raja (Omar) pave-end. Zee played with the batsman's mind and cleaned him up, after bowling two outswingers and one yorker. 4/1

They slowly scored some runs but being too much under pressure also got Omar his maiden wicket this year: ball swinging in, too quick for the batsman which tried to do something with it but ended up hitting it into the safe hands of Tayyub Tabbassum at midwicket. 29/2

Arun Parija, former captain of Kickers club in Hoofddorp, started to hit straight up. Assume he was inspired by the IPL. They created a solid partnership with plenty of runs on the board. Omar now replaced by Leftarmer Tokir Shabbir, was on fire from ball one.

One ball angling into their remaining openingsbatsman, hit him in front and was given out LBW. Didn't take before the batsman called for a review and the umpired signalled to the 3rd umpire to have a look: front foot ok, pitching inline ok, hitting the stumps ok, batsman out? Yes. Partnership broken and good change by the Skipper Zahid Malik (Zeddy) 90/3

The batsmen were scoring runs easily on the pacers so a good move from Zeddy to bring on our spinner Usman Yousuf.  Success. Widish ball, outside offstump, their hitter charged but was beaten and stand-in wicketkeeper Saqib Chaudry took the bails off with ease. Both hitters gone. 113/4

Spin proofed to be good so Awais Shabbir (younger brother of Tokir) replaced Zishan Yousuf (brother of Usman Yousuf) and both end were now controlled by spin. Catches win matches they say and to catch, it's important to be focussed. Their captain went for a big one towards deep midwicket, where I was standing. Just as brilliantly I took the catch last week against R&W on the long-on boundary, as terrible I dropped this one. Happens. Luckily for the team, their batter didn't last long and edged one towards backward point where Zishan took the catch. 117/5

Spinners do get hit but also can buy you wickets. A fairly fullish delivery kept low and hit the backleg of the batter with no shot offered. LBW. Since there were no reviews left, he had to walk. 136/6

Usman still continuing from the pave-end, kept bowling his around the wicket ball angling in. Always play with the spin the pro's say. This ball was angled in but after pitching was aimed towards slip. The batsman went against the pro's and tried to hit the ball over cows corner. His bat did finish towards cowscorner but edged the ball high towards third man. But not high enough for Zeddy at Gully. A blinder, absolutely awesome catch with both hands while jumping and halfway turning around. 141/8

We smelled blood and their batters also went all in. They added another 40 runs before Zee was brought back into the attack and got a caught behind, another easy catch by Saqib behind the stumps, of their now main batsman. 185/8

Pace of Zee was a bit too much for the batsman to handle but also was a bit risky for unnecessary runs so order form the captain to take just a slight bit of pace off the ball. Finally, I, Abid Malik (brother of Zahid Malik) could bowl from the water-end. Captains order was to finish it off, so I did: two wickets in 1 over ended it for them. 190 ao in 33 overs.

After lunch the openers got ready. The usual pair, Zeddy and Usman, went in. Against R&W, Zeddy got out for a single figures and Usman ended up scoring the match winning runs with Zishan Yousuf as the mature supporting role he's conducting this year.

Now, the opposite happened: ball played by Zeddy towards midwicket next to the fielder, Usman took off for a run. Suicide. He couldn't make it and was run out. 17/1

I'm going to keep it short: we won by 8 wickets and scored their total in 25 overs. 

It's not that we won but the way we won:

Super partnership between Zeddy and once again, Zishan, took us from 17/1 to a winning total of 191.

Zeddy 119* including 11x6 (sixes )

Zishan 55 (2x6)  


Some of the main match Stats:

Qui Vive4 193 a.o

VVV Bowling Stats:
Z. Choudhry 2-28
A. Malik 2 - 11
U. Yousaf 2 - 35
A. Shabir 2 - 33

VVV Batting Stats:

Zahid Malik 119*
Zishan Yousuf 55


Man of the Match: Captain Zahid Malik for his unbeaten and brilliant knock




Author: Abid Malik is the Chairman of VVV Cricket club based in Amsterdam and Amstelveen and loves writing match reports in his spare time.

© VVV Cricket Club




Low scoring thriller! VVV2 3 wins out of 3!

Winning two out of two in which on both occassions, the opposition is really humiliated, it's ok to say that the dressingroom mood is 'sky high'.

First R&W, 102 ao, then Quivive 4 beaten easily with 8 wickets...moral was high.

And that's when, rightfully, the opposition tries to get under the skin and losses happen. 

We were now send in to bat first. Good chance to test our bench strength/length.

Zeddy and Usman openend the batting. Cricket is a terrible game and can bite you in the a** if whenever it wants.

Centurion Zeddy faced his 4th ball and was hit onto his pads. It took the umpire 5 seconds before he adjudged it LBW. From fineleg, that's where we were seated, it didn't look out. Opposition was jumping around as if they had won the match already. Cant blame them; got the captain out who scored 119 not out three days ago..... Khair, hota hai....barre barre shehron me hota hai (sh*t happens)  1/1

Saqib Chaudry was the new man in. Technically the most sound batsman in the team so good chance to show his skills. But it's important that the other batsman doesnt give his wicket away. Usman did just that. Righthand bowler over the wicket, Short delivery, not bouncing enough, hit towards midwicket, easy catch. 14/2

Brother Zishan replaced vice-captain Usman but did the same: catching practice. Leftarm bowler, short ball onto the stumps, slow push straight into the hands of cover.  18/3 

Saqib and Noman Mirjadin (Nomi bhai) slowly but cautiously picked things up. A single here, a double there. 20 runs were added when one of the unluckiest way, Saqib got out. Lefthander bowling around the wicket, yorker length ball onto his legstump, standing on leg, Saqib blocked it but the ball slowly rolled towards the stumps and the bails fell off.  Bas kam hogeye (it's over). 38/4 within 10 overs.

Panic? No, not yet, still enough batting strength left. Youngster Saqib Iqbal went in at 6. Important position to build and bat out the remaining overs. All I saw was Amir Khan movies title "Taare Zameen Par"......second ball he played, he hit straight up and got out for a duck. Bas kam hogeye (it's over). 40/5

I got in at 7. Nomi bhai still in gave me some crucial advise: don't give your wicket away. I wondered if he had also give that advise to the others and where it went wrong. Khair. Nomi bhai and I took the score from 40 to 96 with boundaries, quick singles, doubles. Usually a wicket falls on a bad ball. It was. Short slow delivery, outside off, with field cover on the boundary, point at the circle.....ball was screaming "hit me, hit me". I tried but went on to my backfoot to cut the ball instead of stepping into it....caught behind. Not good. 96/6

Tayyub and Nomi bhai kept moving in the same scoring rate and added additional runs but wickets kept falling and when Nomi bhai got out, it was all over and out. A meager 135 runs with still 6 overs to spare.

We didn't talk about our batting after we went off to lunch. We didn't talk during lunch. We didn't even talked about it in the dressing room. Zeddy told us just one thing: bowlers, show what you've got. I want wickets. If you can't give me, I will replace you instantly. Show it.

Well, kinda like that because he's more friendly than I am but his words motivated us.

Just like in the previous matches, before starting fielding, we sat together on the field, read  Durood-shareef, Dua and especially Ayat-e-Kareema (the dua Yunus read when he was in the belly of the fish and asked Alllah swt for help). We needed help so a fitting dua.

Opened with Zee and Omar. Good tight start by Zee cause every runs counts but no wicket. Omar on the pave-end, did. Late inswinging ball, hitting middlestump. Result: bowled. 7/1

New batsman in, Omar steaming in, 2nd ball, right into the pads infront, no shot offerend. Result: LBW 7/2....Hattrick chance!!!

Batsman no.3 wasn't going to be taken for granted and came in and went for the shot straight away. No run but no wicket either. It didn't stop him nor the opener to score. Almost all bowlers were used but unfortunately, not much control and batsmen were seeing the ball like a watermelon. Zeddy said to me: bhai, no wicket, you're out the next over. I struck in my first over: their supporting opener bowled, yorked. Gone. Finally partnership broken. 82/3

Spin from the other end, Saqib Iq. bowled a beautifull offspinner to make the batsman hit it high towards Saqib Ch. 104/4

Still six wickets remaining to score the 32 runs with around 25 overs left. We had almost given up atleast the body language was down. Captains words: if we loose, we loose fighting. Just like in the movie 300. We die like men!

Next over, I got my man, their last solid batsman who kept hitting and got dropped plenty of times by us. Bowled 1 length balls outside off, 1 shorter one, and one yorker onto his legstump. Bowled. Finally. Shout of relief. Hope came back within the team. 5 wickets left. 108/5

Saqib from his end bowled a maiden. Pressure bowling which helped me in my next over: bowled another full one, hitting the pads and gone! LBW 108/6......4 wickets left...

Spin was working but change was needed and Usman replaced Saqib and succes change it was! Straight away: fullish delivery hitting backleg infront......up went the finger.....LBW! 108/7....3 wickets left....and still 108 runs on the board......momentum completely shifted.....pressure on them.

What seemed to be their last big (he was very tall) hope came in and tried to kill the ball. Atleast, that's what his expression showed. The fuller deliveries were working good (death bowling). Another fullish delivery just barely missed the stumps which the batsman wanted to charge and smack over the football clubhouse. Excellent work by Nomi bhai behind the stumps by collecting the ball, running towards the stumps and dislodging the bails.....Howszaaatttt.......out! Run out! 116/8......2 wickets remaining....

Usman kept the pressure on and gave away just 1 run......but no wicket.......we needed wickets.....they needed 20 runs.....with countless overs left.

Next over, I started with a wide......and another......then a good delivery, blocked by the batsman. Another block. Then a bad delivery, short and wide outside offstump. The batsman went for the shot, hit it hard towards cover. Omar running in hard, held on to the ball and caught! 119/ wicket remaining.....just one standing between us and victory.

Three deliveries remaining of my over....first one was a block......second one just missed the stumps.......and last delivery, a halfvolley.....the batsman just went for it......hit it hard towards mid-on.......Saqib Ch. was standing on the edge of the circle....rushed in......dove forward....and.....catch!!!! OUT!!!! It was all over.......all out for 119! VICTORY!

Three out of three wins......feels good.

Moral of the story: never give up and never underestimate any team. 


Batting stats:

VVV2 - 135 all out

Noman Merajdin 37 runs

Abid Shahzad Malik 24 runs

Qui Vive4 - 119 all out


Bowling stats: 

Abid Shazad Malik 5-14 !!!

Omar Raja 2-23

Man of the Match: Abid Malik for his 5 match turning wickets.


Author: Abid Malik is the Chairman of VVV Cricket club based in Amsterdam and Amstelveen and loves writing match reports in his spare time.

© VVV Cricket Club



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