VVV3 Promoted to Tweede Klasse

VVV3 gets promoted to Tweede Klasse as champions.



Hamza Ahmad (wk), Khurram Tahir, Shafaqat Ali, Bilal Khadeem, Asif Rafat Khan, Kokab Nadeem, Omar Raja, Saqib Chaudhry, Ali Rashid, Abid Mailk, Zahid Malik, Noman Mirajdin (wk), Saqib Iqbal, Tokier Shabier, Adnan Murtaza, Amir Zulfiqar, Randier Romain Alves, Tayub Tabassum, Muhammad Yaseen, Dawood Sakhi, Zeeshan Choudhry (c)




165 in 110 balls (HCC ZaMi vs VVV ZaMi)

We batted first, made 259 in 35 with Kokab Nadeem making 165 not out in 110 balls.


We thought we would win it easily but how wrong could we be.. The match went to the last ball of the last over and eventually VVV emerged victorious.




About the Author:

Omar Raja is member of VVV since 2013 and been playing cricket since then in all levels. He is sometimes too busy to write reports.



The Game of Experiments.



After a disappointing last week game, vvv2 captain Zeddy (Zahid Malik ) decided to bat first on a good batting track to put good total on the board for R&W to chase. It was a game of experiments. Zeddy and Saqib combination as openers was the first one. The first wicket fell after a steady start: 27/1 after 8. From there on Zishan Yousaf joined Saqib Choudhry in the middle and took their time to settle by rotating strikes. They built up a good partniship of 100 runs with some very good boundaries shared between them.

With 130 on the board after 29 overs, things were looking good for an 200+ total. After a mini collapse Omar Raja and Tayyeb both made sure we batted out our overs. In the end a respectable 197 was on the board.

Zishan 56
Saqib 46

Omar Raja and Zishan Yusuf opened the bowling. Both R&W openers went on the attack resulting in a bowling change.  Zeeshan Choudhry was put into the attack striking on his very first ball, the score read: 37/1 after 7.

For the next 15 overs wickets were hard to come by, but the scoring rate was kept in check. Saqib Iqbal and Usman Yusuf were brought on as spinners and both bowled really well that resulted in wickets. Saqib Iqbal took 4 wickets in his 9 over spell.

With R&W on 120 for 8 Juned Iqbal was brought into the attack and finished of the tail quickly: 123 all out.

Saqib Iqbal                9-0-24-4
Zeeshan Choudhry      5-1-12-1
Juned Iqbal                 1.1-0-1-2
Usman Yusuf               6-0-16-1


We will we will rock you!! VVV3 vs R&W3


Many of us already expected and believed that Sunday is going to be an epic day. As VVV2 and VVV3 both were playing their away games at R&W. With high spirits and support for each other, game mode was already set before Sunday.

R&W3 won the toss and selected to bowl first to test out our batting skills. Imran aka Captain decided to go with usual batting line up, with a license to kill (nah not really)…
Asif and Rashid on crease and boy oh boy what a start it was. The man in form, Asif aka Centurion started where he left last week but this time around it was brutal batting from both ends. Rashid was also on fire with his powerful strokes, eager to make runs. He didn’t bother much about singles (still in trauma because of runout history). We reached 100 only in 8 overs.

Unfortunately we lost the first wicket in 9th over, 107-1. Rashid 40(4 X 5, 6X3, 1X2).
In 13th over we lost Asif’s wicket 140-2, what a spectacular inning, 85 (4x7, 6X9, 3 x 1).

Captain decided to change the batting order. He knew damage is already done by the opening partnership. So big weapons were unleashed, aiming at high score target and continue playing aggressively.
Following the lead set by the openers another spotlight performance by Kokab, a new member of our club, already shining with his hard hitting and all round performance, 57 (4x1, 6x7), 2nd fifty in a row.
High scoring run rate comes with consequences, we were losing wickets but we were not ready to drop the run rate. Everyone was chipping in, providing support to each other and hitting boundaries. We ended our innings at 308 all out in 34 overs. A little less what we were expecting, but a huge target for opposition. 

Batting highlights…

Asif: 85 (4x7, 6X9, 3 x 1)
Kokab: 57 (4x1, 6x7)
Rashid: 40 (4 X 5, 6X3, 1X2)

After showing off our batting power it was time for the bowlers to rock the 2nd half. Same plan for fielding side, bowl aggressively, field sharp and finish the match early so we can supports our other team, as most of the time our eyes and ears were on other field trying to get some updates.
Farhan and Rashid started the attack. Farhan got his first victim in his first over. A caught behind nicely taken by the keeper (Imran). 3rd over 2nd victim, 5th over 3rd victim. On other end Rashid bowling on tight line and length keeping them under pressure.
Normally we have a bowling change after 10 overs, but Farhan wasn’t ready to get off the Attack, he wanted to continue until he finish his spell, with Captain’s confidence he completed his great spell with few dropped chances.
With bowling changes and sharp fielding we were getting wickets till the 18th over , R&W 104-7.
Afterwards I am not sure was it Fasting (its Ramadan and most of guys were fasting) or we were getting lazy on the field. With few dropped catches and after 28th over R&W were 176-7.

Time for a break and a motivational speech by Captain. The Rain, the Sweat, frustration, aggression, smell of a victory, all ingredients were there to push a little harder.

Buddy you're a young man hard man
Shoutin' in the street gonna take on the world some day
You got blood on yo' face
You big disgrace
Wavin' your banner all over the place.
We will we will rock you

We finished the game in 33rd over.  R&W3 191 all out and we went to other field to join VVV2 for the victory dance.

Bowling Highlights..

Farhan : 8-3-55
Rashid: 7-2-25
Raza: 6-2-29
Khurram: 6.1-2-18

Thank you R&W for being a great host like always and for a good day of cricket.

Your correspondent: Khurram Tahir from VVV Cricket Club Amsterdam, with the passion for cricket and technology.


A Centurion’s tale Featured


After a long drive and discussions on cricket finally we arrived at Den Helder. Looking at the weather and the bowling strength we had, captain decided to field first if we won the toss. So the 10 men of VVV3 were first to field.

Junaid started the attack with Rashid on other end. The opposition openers couldn’t do much against the attack. They blocked or swung the bat hard which wasn’t helping us or them. But we got the first victim in a classic way of runout.

Junaid and Rashid were replaced by Ahsan and Kokab. Ahsan with his pace and bounce was already disturbing the opening batsman and in his 2nd over he got his victim clean bowled on an in swinging delivery (42-2 in 12 overs). New batting pair again wasn’t doing much against the pace and no wicket fell. It was time for a change.

Imran (Captain) and Khurram came into attack but with luck left handed batsman started to accelerate his inning and scorecard was moving faster. On a side note we are still trying to figure out how to tackle a left, right handed batsman combination. Again time for a change, Asif brought into attack and he strikes in his second over. A beautiful catch by Raza in Square leg position. Finally a break through which we were desperate to get (137-3 in 25 overs).

Captain knew that now it’s time for a kill, so Junaid and Subhan came into attack. Subhan’s surprise bowling with Junaid and Ahsan’s fast deliveries wickets were falling with short intervals but scorecard was also ticking. At the end we restricted CC Den Helder to 224 All out in 39.3 overs.

Bowling Stats:

Subhan: 7.3-35-4
Junaid: 8-44-2
Ahsan: 5-17-2
Asif: 2-16-1
Extras: 40 due to right and left handed combi at least that’s what I think ;)

During the break, plan was set and we knew what we needed to do. We started with our usual openers, Asif and Rashid. And then in 2nd over something happened, which we are seeing for last few matches. Rashid got Runout (4th time so far) after hitting a boundary. Now Captain is on the crease hoping to have a good partnership, but things turns out differently. We were 35-2 in 6 overs. For some reason no one was worried because Asif was still standing on crease and having enough batting power behind. Juniad new man on crease, with a plan not to lose wicket and keep Asif on strike. The plan worked well. On other end man in form, the beast with hunger for blood, Asif was unstoppable. Ball was flying all around the field. Opposition’s captain placed everybody on the boundary but they failed to stop Asif.

128 runs partnership ended in 21st over, Junaid out on 15, VVV3 153-3.
Subhan on crease with same plan as Junaid which worked till the end. On other end Asif kept firing from his bat until we saw the fat lady singing (not really, it was one of us guys sitting outside with their pads on)

We easily chased 225 in 34 overs with 7 wickets in hands. An unbeaten 142(4 X 18 and 6 X 4) by the Centurion (Asif).

Batting stats:

Asif: 142 not out
Junaid: 15
Subhan: 9 not out
Extras: 48 defiantly not because of right left combi ;)

Due to high demands in other teams, it’s important to mention that after having heavy discussions somehow we managed to keep Asif in third team squad. Now we all know that we were right in our decision :)

Thanks to CC Den Helder for a game played in good spirits.

Your correspondent: Khurram Tahir from VVV Cricket Club Amsterdam, with the passion for cricket.

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