The Bat Can't Hit What The Eyes Can't See

10 overs 6 madiens 17 runs 3 wickets. (Anees Davids)

9.3 overs 2 miadens 25 runs 6 wickets (Qamar Raza)

Above stats remind me of a quote from Mohammed Ali.

“Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. The hands can't hit what the eyes can't see.”

VVV fielded first on a hot sunny day on 25th May against Dosti. Anees Davids of VVV1 stood out from the crowd with his amazing bowling attack against Dosti. Bouncers, yorkers and stumps flying all over the place. The combination of brilliant and brutal bowling rewarded him 3 wickets with 6 maiden overs.

With the help of smart unorthodox field setup from skipper Mohsin Ghaznavi, VVV bowling attack was spot on against Dosti and their batsmen had no chance against the Duo Anees and Qamar Raza.  In no time Dosti were 33 for 5 in 13 odd overs.

After drinks with some middle order partnership Dosti managed to reply to VVV bowling attack by posting the total of 144 which proved no threat to VVV. Qamar took 6 wickets in his excellent 10 over spell.

VVV chased the total with a loss of 5 wickets with Anees scoring Not out 45.


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