VVV 2 Match Reports

The Monster Talent Within

28th May Sunday was the 2nd game for VVV2 this Year. After the last weekend a thriller of a match against VRA, VVV team came Rood en Wit new club house with aim to win the game at every cost. What a joy ride that day was after VVV started chasing the total Rood en Wit team posted for us. Lets go back to Rood en Wit Batting innings first.

After having lost the toss , Rood en Wit chose to bat first. Captain Shazad Mirza and Omar Raja led the bowling attack for VVV. We had a goal to get three wickets in first 10 - 12 overs. With some extra wides that were bowled RW did not really have to score that much and they reached 22 in just 4 overs.We under estimated the power of that pitch. It was supposed to be difficult to bat on if you are bowling good line and length ball outside off. As soon as Shahzad realized that he got a wicket caught behind in first slip in his 3rd over and another one caught behind in his next over. 27 for 2 in 9 overs was a good start as planned. Zee Choudhry replaced Shazad and got another break through caught behind in 1st slip. M.Yasin replaced Omar. He had some little bit of trouble with hanging on to good line but overall his bowling was spot on and gave away only 18 runs in his 7 overs spell. RW managed to hold on to their wickets until Zishan Yousaf spell got us another wicket. After second drinks break RW aim was to smash everything out of the park to score as many runs as possible which was made difficult by Shazad by bowling good line and length and taking 2 more wickets. Zee from other end in last few overs bowled the danger man out and minimized the grand total for RW to 178 for loss of 9 wickets.


Shahzad Mirza    8o 1m 4w 36r

Zee Choudhry     7o 0m 2w 35r

Extra: 35

This looked like an easy target to chase considering our batting lineup. "Touch wood" ? But yes we indeed had a monster of bat waiting to unleash his furry opon Rood en Wit bowlers. VVV batting started with Bobby A.Murtaza and Saqib Chaudry as opener. After an early wicket of Bobby , Zishan Yousaf joined Saqib. Saqib started setting up the platform for VVV innings early on. Thats when that joy ride begun. I must admit, It was a so satisfying seeing Saqib playing his cover drives. He played a really mature inning and laid the foundation for VVV victory. With 4x6 and 7x4 he scored 66 runs. He punished the bowlers with ease on will. With good rotation of strike and boundaries flowing from both ends Saqib and Zishan added the total of 76 runs before Zishan got caught behind after scoring 36 runs. Noman Merazjdin joined Saqib with the run chase. At 132 VVV lost Saqib and were 4 wickets down.  At this point things were looking great for VVV but we lost 3 wickets very quickly by some cowboy show from our middle order and one very odd runout for Noman. With 137 for 6, the game was slipping away from VVV when Shazad held on to his wicket and starting looking for singles to keep the score flowing. The runrate was creeping up fast when Kokab Nadeem joined Shahzad. In 35th over we were at 152 for 7 when Kokab started going berserk on RW and score 2x4 and a huge 6 out of the club house. It was a big over for VVV in which 16 runs were scored. Only a 4 runs short of victory Kokab lost his wicket to a yorker but his short and fast innings made sure VVV can reach the target with ease. In next over Shahzad scored a boundary and won the 2 points for VVV.

Batting Stats:

Saqib Chaudry   66

Zishan Yousaf    36



Communication is key

Finally, after many days of rain combined with wind, I woke up with the Sun shining. It felt good, to start the Sunday with Sun which means, not wearing the (beautiful) white VVV jersey’s.

When I, and with me many others, arrived at VVV, we saw something amazing: young kids having a game of cricket on our ground. It was just awesome to see the kids, our cricket futures prospects, cover driving, cutting, hooking, bowling pace and even flighting the ball…boys and girls. Mostly according to the MCC textbook. Luckily they haven’t been exposed to the IPL….

The collaboration with ACC is working wonders.



Report ACC2 vs VVV2 Featured

Catches win matches

Derby. Nerves. Sentiment. Excitement. Motivation. These are just a few words which can describe how we felt, playing at ACC on the 1st field which has been the home ground for many now VVV players. When we arrived, we saw happy faces to welcome us. Given the history, didn’t expect anything else.

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