You Must Be A Warrior



25th June we had a match against Bloemendaal. Cloudy and wet. Some would say this would be the perfect condition to bowl first. Though VVV3 team was sent to bat first. From then onwards it was a joy ride of game for both teams. A bowlers day.

Batting first VVV should have had no concerns. With a strong batting line up target was set to surpass 200. In reality the pitch conditions were so difficult to bat that our best batsmen in top order were sitting with us in a matter of few balls. 11 for 2 in 3.4 overs. Things were not looking that great for VVV. We knew we had a lot of batting power so early wickets were not going to hurt us that much. "Only if we keept the wickets in hand till last overs". After losing Asif and Ali for 0 a piece. Saqib Chaudry and Abid Malik started building up a small innings. Some singles were refused some doubles were missed. I guess we just wanted to get away safe from the attack bowlers spell in hopes to score some runs of 1st or 2nd change. Bloemendaal bowling no doubt is best in the league and they did show us that day. Except Saqib Chaudry no one could stay that long to build up a decent innings. Abid, Kokab , Tajieb , Khurram, Hamza, Bilal all fell prey to good bowling and as well as some silly shots. Only Saqib Chaudry kept his head cool and stayed in there as long as he could to complete half century. Omar Raja , out of no where started agressive and hit a huge six over extra cover with an intention to score quick runs to change the momentum of the game but that did not do the trick. VVV were all out in 34 overs for 125 runs. Tajieb was applauded for his batting by Blomendaal players. A good thing to see from opponents when your are fighting for championship.

Saqib Chaudry 50
Tajieb Tabassum 20
Abid Malik 18

125 runs was never going to be an easy target to defend. We were not to give up that easy. "If they can get us out on a low total so can we". With this intention we went to field to win the match. Omar and Zee attacked with bowling and they were on target from the start of their spell. First 4 overs there were 2 runs on the board and no wickets down until Omar struck with caught behind by an amazing catch by Kokab. 1 down 9 to go. Next over Zee clean bowled the other opener. This was the the start we intended. Omar also clean bowled their strong batsman and within no time Bloemendaal were 11 for 3. Video Below.

Posted by VVV Cricket Club on Monday, June 26, 2017

It was the same start Bloemendaal had with their bowling. Ours was a bit better. With 5 overs each end , it was time for a change to keep getting wickets. Kokab was requested to take off his pads and give it a go at bowling. That proved to be the best decision of the game. Kokab took the wicket on the very first ball of his first over. What more you could have asked for.  I must add a little background for Kokab. He has never been considered as a bowler. His action is also very unorthodox. He plays mostly as Keeper and a top order batsman. Though many have said he should be given a chance with bowling as well. I do not think any day would have been better to prove you are a good bowler than 25th June. "Defending a low total and needing only wickets to win". Now back to the match. Kokab was on fire and one after the other he started chewing up Bloemendaal batsmen. They had no where to hide. One after the other they started falling like a house of cards. Fielders also supported Kokab and Tajieb took a marvelous catch at short cover diving towards his right. Video Below

Posted by VVV Cricket Club on Monday, June 26, 2017

Kokab ended up taking a 5 wickets haul , including the last wicket caught at mid on by Omar Raja. Bloemendaal were all out for 66 runs in 24th over.

Kokab Nadeem  6.2o 0m 27r 5w
Omar Raja        7o    0m 13r 3w
Zee Choudhry   7o    2m 13r 2w

A good game and a good defend by bowlers. This team is a true warrior. Never Give Up!
And most of all Kokab is a true all rounder.  Keeper , Bowler and Batsman. Well Done Kokab Nadeem!!


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